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  • Significant Road Safety Deficiencies in the Southern Lantau Road Network
  • CRS Chairman called for safety barrier retrofits on hilly roads in the Southern District
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    Roadside hazard along mountain roads on Hong Kong Island

    CRS is concerned with the safety risk of aggressive roadside conditions on certain bus routes. The combination of inappropriate speeds, absence or inadequate barriers, narrow widths and gradients entails a very high risk of a catastrophic scenario such as a double decker bus rolling off a 20m near-vertical slope resulting in massive casualties and fatalities. CRS has been discussing with the authorities to address these issues.

    Elevated speed by bus drivers
    CRS is concerned with inappropriate speeds of buses in urban areas and on narrow mountain roads. As an example, speed of  49km/h was recorded on Des Voeux Road Central where sightline is effectively blocked by stationery buses and that there are regular pedestrians crossing between signals. Another example is a bus descending a steep grade on Repulse Bay Road at 57km/h where the side slopes are aggressive and roadside barriers are not in place. On the downhill steep grade of Chung Hom Kok Road,
    a bus driver maintained speed above 60km/h with a maximum of 67km/h. Such situation sets the scene for incidents which could be catastrophic. CRS is concerned with the apparent absence of guidance of appropriate speeds by bus operators and Transport Department.
    Comments on a crash on North Lantau Highway [more] On the 11 January 2012, a taxi collided with a movable barrier gate on the highway towards the airport, resulting in the death of a film producer from Taiwan and severe injury of the taxi driver. CRS is concerned with the roadside safety conditions of the dual 3-lane North Lantau Highway with a speed limit of 110km/h. From the roadside safety point of view, the highway consists of extensive flaws including unguarded rigid objects, lack of connections between barriers, inappropriate kerb types. CRS urges the authority to rectify the more serious problems as a priority.

    Comments on a fatal collision at the Siu Sai Wan Bus Terminus [more] The collision on 27 December 2011 happened when a bus knocked down a bus driver standing inside the bus terminus to assist another bus to reverse. The bus driver was convicted of Careless Driving on 8 November 2012. CRS is concerned with safety inside bus terminus. A recent speed check at the Central Bus Terminus revealed speed up to 30km/h. This is considered hazardous as the bus terminus is full of sightline obstruction and the area effectively serves as a shared space with pedestrians.