• Sixth United Nations Global Road Safety Week 2021
  • Fourth United Nations Global Road Safety Week 2017
  • Concerns for Roadworks and Public Transport Safety
  • Seminar: Measuring Risk on the World''s Roads and making Targeted Improvements (iRAP)
  • CRS presented at Panel on Transport regarding PTSS - Taxis service
  • CRS shared experience in Directional Signing at Vietnam Road Safety Conference
  • Significant Road Safety Deficiencies in the Southern Lantau Road Network
  • CRS Chairman called for safety barrier retrofits on hilly roads in the Southern District
  • Forum for Third United Nations Global Road Safety Week
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    Lower Speed Limit on Urban Streets in Hong Kong

    • “CRS has continued to investigate alternative strategies for area-wide traffic calming on Hong Kong’s street with the objective to reduce pedestrian casualties, to enhance the attractiveness of our streets and to promote walking. Creation of the 30km/h Zone will be the core of such strategies. However, given the high percentage share of severe pedestrian casualties on distributor roads (main streets), introduction of the 40km/h speed limit or zone will also be examined. The preliminary findings will be presented during the Second UN Global Road Safety Week in May 2013.”

    Road Safety Design for Tunnel Portal Areas

    • “CRS has embarked on a preliminary guideline on road safety design for highway tunnel portal areas. Road safety could be undermined at these locations due to a change road section, presence of accesses for maintenance and recovery as well as tunnel operational needs. Additionally, roadside safety design principles could be readily violated with the abundance of barrier terminals and excessive flare angles of barriers. CRS will prepare a paper as a first step for circulation to the authorities and consultants.”


    Road Safety Evaluation of the Hong Kong International Airport 

    • CRS is taking the initiative to prepare a preliminary road safety evaluation report to the Airport Authority for public roads within the airport island. The report will address issues of signing, roadside passive safety and pedestrian safety.


    Road Safety Audit Guidelines 

    • Road Safety Audit (RSA) is the evaluation of highway schemes, during design and prior to completion, to identify potential road safety problems that may affect any users of the highway and to suggest measures to eliminate or mitigate those problems. Although RSA has a long history in many developed countries, it has not been adopted in Hong Kong until recently for some projects. CRS believes that both procedures and technical issues are important components of RSA. CRS is therefore taking the initiative to develop an RSA guideline.